Rodent Control Service In Gurgaon

Are those tiny creatures giving you jittery times? Pests like cockroaches, termites, khatmal, rats, deemak, mosquitoes, bed bug, ant, rodents etc. not just spoil your food and your mood but are also the carriers of deadly diseases. Don't let your home or office be the grazing ground for little pests that give you sleepless nights. Now get rid of ants, bed bugs, deemak, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites or any type of insects irritating you or making your life and place uncomfortable by using best pest control services near you from ApnaExpert. All you need to do is book a request for professional pest control service in Gurgaon at ApnaExpert and one of our best pest control management team near you will help you lead a life that’s free from pests. ApnaExpert provides pest control management services for household, residential and commercial spaces (hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, etc)

Upon request, our pest treatment team near you will visit your place for a free pest control inspection for the type of pest treatment you need such as for termite control, bed bug control, general pest control service etc.. After the inspection, the professional pest control team will give you the best quote for the opted service.

Rodent Control in Gurgaon

1. Using best rodent control treatment from ApnaExpert pest management services consists of baiting and trapping technology which includes fixing of gum boards and traps at key locations in the various places of premises to trap the rats. Additionally, rat poison cakes are placed on key locations. These are completely non-toxic to humans.
2. The rats, rodents and mice will either get trapped on the board or they will eat the rat poison and die in 3-4 hours.
3. Do’s - Use rat proofing measures
4. Don’ts – Do not touch glue traps or baits used in rodent treatment services
5. Warranty – 3 months
6. Note - Seal all cracks & openings in your house after treatment to prevent rodents from entering; Keep you premises free from garbage and food leftovers.

Please note:

1. ApnaExpert provide free inspection for pest control services in Gurgaon
2. Charges will be conveyed after inspection and the experts will proceed for pest treatment only after your approval
3. To avoid cancellation charges (Rs. 250) please reschedule or cancel the order before 7 PM of the previous day of the scheduled pest control service time
4. Kindly read the Terms and Conditions for more details

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